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How did Formetal begin?

Mr. Helmer Simons, a Finnish immigrant filled with dreams and hopes, founded what is now the HOPSA Group in 1946.
His effort and legacy have left a company with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic.

FORMETAL is a leader in the manufacturing of metal products in Panama. Since 1946, we have been pioneers in the metal-mechanical industry and recognized in the industry as a benchmark for experience, quality, and innovation. FORMETAL is part of the HOPSA Group of Companies.

The current mission of FORMETAL focuses on service: to always be attentive to the needs of our customers; the quality of our products and services that exceed expectations, and to meet the delivery dates we promise.

Our Values

UNWAVERING INTEGRITY, always doing what is right and honest. Zero tolerance for corruption at any level.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT We aspire to excellence. We seek new and more efficient ways of doing things. Constant learning.. Everything can be improved.

RESPONSIBILITY We fulfill our commitments to employees, customers, suppliers, and the community.

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Formetal, Metal Products Manufacturing Leader in Panama.


SERVICE: Provide timely responses to our customers.
QUALITY: Deliver products and services that exceed expectations.
DELIVERY: Meet the promised dates at the time of sale.

Group Companies

Distribution of construction materials with 14 stores in Panama.

11,000 m² of processing expanded polystyrene (EPS) products for construction: insulation panels for roofs, walls, foundations, mezzanine slabs, and refrigerated constructions.

Rental and sales of forklifts. Warehousing and Logistics. www.equipospfc.com/

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